• Special Moments

    So..... I was chatting to a friend ages ago about hats –as you do, and she suggested I do a blog post about this topic!!
  • Support Local this Christmas

    I can finally now introduce you all to my new range of accessories that I have created for lovely men!  I decided to try another angle for my business and I thought of accessories like bow ties, cufflinks and pocket hankies would be a great place to start with! 
  • Facemasks and the Varieties!

    The masks I produce are cotton poplin and 100% cotton face masks.  They are a 2 layer mask with elastic to go around the ears – this can be adjusted if either too loose or too tight.  I have a variety of patterns 
  • Rambling Milliners Hatty Tips

    Now you have been invited to a wedding and would dearly love to wear something like a fascinator or maybe a hat.  Now you’re thinking….. I don’t normally wear hats or anything
  • Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner......

    I know since this lockdown has happened, I have realised that I miss and love talking to my fellow podfamily, new customers and
  • The Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner

    So hands up, who has cleaned their homes from top to bottom and is now sitting wondering....... what can I do next??? Well, I like many others was ...
  • Start as I mean to go on!!

    OK, so I’m finally trying out “The Blog Post” to see how I get on!! I’ll warn you now, I have a tendancy to ramble on a bit, and as this is not som...
  • Mass Produced or Commissioned Headpiece???

    OK, so you’ve decided to wear a headpiece (fascinator or hat) to an occasion and you’re not sure what to do next…….You have a decision to make – ei...