Support Local this Christmas

Not sure if it’s only me but I am not really a fan of winter here in Northern Ireland – it’s the dark morning & afternoons and the possibility of snow hahaha!!!  I have NO DOUBT in my mind that I am definitely a spring summer person!! 

So, I can finally now introduce you all to my new range of accessories that I have created for lovely men!  I decided to try another angle for my business and I thought of accessories like bow ties, cufflinks and pocket hankies would be a great place to start with!  There are some fantastic fabrics out there and it has been so very difficult to narrow the field down to 4 fabrics but I do think my selection for starters is great!!!!!

I’ve also been busy making hairbands – half floral leather type and full hairbands in sequins & other ranges of fabrics and also brooch kits to create for yourself at home, so its been a very busy making time!  You can of course contact me if you like one of the hairbands created.

Anyway I digress, and yes I am going to mentioning the “C” word – Christmas!!!  Are you are person that leaves Christmas shopping to the last minute or are you prepared and have all ready to be given out??  I know 2020 has been and still is a crazy year (especially since we have to close now from the 27th Nov and not sure really of how long it will truly be for) but what I’d like to know is........ are you going to purchase this year from a faceless company or are you going to purchase local this Christmas??  I know I am going to be buying alot from people that I know and seeing that we are closing for a few weeks from 27th November, I will be supporting local now more than ever. 

Now, I know with my work and also my fellow artists and designers within Makers House, our work is not mass produced but it does take quite a bit of time (well maybe at least a few weeks) during the day and sometimes into the late evenings to produce my products.  For me I think, sometimes people don’t truly realise the amount of time and work that goes into creating products of any type to sell BUT what I can definitely say is that EACH and EVERY time that someone buys from us, we are absolutely delighted that you have purchased from us!!!

Until next time, stay safe, support local businesses, wash your hands and please wear your masks.

Fee xx

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