Rambling Milliners Hatty Tips

Rambling Milliners Hatty Tips

I can’t believe its June already……where has the time gone??  I must admit it is great news for Brides now that they can get married even if it is a very small number of people able to attend.  So today I am going to talk to you about my process of commission and ready to wear headpieces and fascinators.


Now you have been invited to a wedding and would dearly love to wear something like a fascinator or maybe a hat.  Now you’re thinking….. I don’t normally wear hats or anything on my head for that matter, I don’t think I’d suit a hat, I don’t want to be the centre of attention or I’ve looked at that many hats and fascinators that I have hat-overload and I’m now more confused than ever!!!


Does this sound a little like you?  Then I am here to help you overcome all fears and doubts that you may have and are feeling.  A lot of clients that visit me do say “I don’t have a head for hats”, well my response to this is – you haven’t had the correct hat then.  For me, I work with your hair colour, height, face shape, heel height, dress colour/style, accessories and that’s before we discuss embellishments or as I say “the sparkly bits on top”!


If you want a commission headpiece, then you need to think of how much you would like to spend – do you want glass crystals or Swarovski crystals, pure silk handmade flowers or readymade flowers – see where I’m going?  Keep in mind that your commission piece, if treated correctly will last you a lifetime.  Always allow time for it to be designed and created.  Have a look in magazines or online to what you think you would like to wear – as in shapes, colours etc.  Or, maybe you want to purchase off the shelf and have seen the perfect colour of headpiece but are not sure if it would suit or not.  Firstly I’ll chat about the commission piece – this is designed and created solely for you.  I will always get you to try on pieces first to see what suits, what feels comfy and most importantly what you like.  Then we discuss the “sparkly bits” or what embellishments you would like to have handstitched on.  I always tend to book clients in for fittings as well as this is the time to amend anything that needs amending before everything is all stitched together.  Then all is left is to collect, try on and take your new headpiece home.  On the day of your occasion, it is best if you bring your headpiece with you to the hairdresser so they can fit it on for you.  I will also have a picture taken on your phone so you and the hairdresser know what way your new headpiece is to sit. 


As for purchasing off the shelf/ready made – again I would discuss with you colours, styles you like/dislike, and try on pieces to see what suits.  It also helps in both cases if you bring your outfit and/or accessories/shoes with you.  Sometimes I may need to make a few adjustments, which usually only take a matter of minutes so you can wait or get a coffee while I adjust.  If something you try on doesn’t suit you – then, I will tell you, as there is no point purchasing a hat/fascinator from me if it doesn’t look right or suit you, you are not comfy wearing it or you don’t feel glamorous when all dressed up.


I hope this hasn’t scared you off!! Yes, there are a few things to think about when purchasing a commission or ready to wear but purchasing from a milliner is definitely worth it!

#staysafe until next time

Fee x


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