Facemasks and the Varieties!

Facemasks and the Varieties!

Sitting here, little did I think that I would be busy making face masks and hairbands and hairscarves.  I’ve heard this word “pivot” associated with small businesses and actually thought it wouldn’t effect me – haha!

Well I have slightly pivoted my business this year to not only design and produce fascinators, bridal and hats but I also went into making face masks – and only because my father asked me to!  This summer or should I say this year is a mad one for sure and not one any one of us will ever forget, but, for me it has been good as I have been able to produce and sell face masks and also donate to charities of my choice –something that I haven’t been able to do before. 

Customers calling into Makers House have been fabulous – I have spoken about designs, styles of masks, types of fabrics used, what others are doing or not doing – it has been an endless wealth of knowledge.   There have been some great ideas talked about and definitely a talking point. 

I know out in the world there are all sorts of face masks – disposable, medical, 3 layer, 2 layer, washable, ones with nose wire to de-fog glass wearers, cotton ones, lycra fabrics, glitter, sequins and even embellished face masks – the list is endless.

The masks I produce at Fee McToal Millinery are cotton poplin and 100% cotton face masks.  They are a 2 layer mask with elastic to go around the ears – this can be adjusted if either too loose or too tight.  I have a variety of patterns for ladies, plain for men (as some don’t want a pattern!) I have made musical ones – for people who love or play music, I make masks that go with outfits for the ladies and I’ve also made for children and not to mention Christmas face masks.  The sequin and embellished facemasks are really for special occasions like weddings.  I have also recently designed my own fabric and created a silk mix face mask with a cotton backing for those of us who would prefer something a little exclusive and unique.  Really this list is endless, and I wouldn't change it for the world!!

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