Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner......

Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner......

I have no idea of how many days we've been in isolation - maybe 40???  I stopped watching the news and reading the papers very early into this as I began getting very anxious and found it very hard to control, so the hubby put a ban on it and I must admit (although I wouldn't tell him that he was actually right!!) it has been working.  Don't get me wrong I'm not totally in a bubble as much as some do think I am, I listen to the news on the radio and that's more than enough.  So, as I'm not anxious, then neither is my beloved dude - he's bubbling along doing school work and learning guitar and is fine except for not being able to see his mates.


Most of the time all has been grand, weather is great, I live in an area that we can ride bicycles for miles and set up camping tents and I'm cooking more exotic dishes (I can actually cook and have always loved it). I'm also very good at vege gardening too, so I've been busy getting beds ready.  This past week was slightly different though.... the weather had changed for wet and so did my mojo!  Which was really frustrating as I had been doing so well for so long, then the doubt starts to creep in and that really is the most annoying thing of all!  But as some say "tomorrow is a new day" and it was, it was sunny and I got back into work again.


So speaking of work, work is bubbling along, I am, as some say "pivoting my business" slightly with dusting off the sewing machine and making scarf headbands and face covers.  I am still finishing off orders before the lockdown happened and I'm going more into mens hats at the minute.  Thankfully where I purchase from is still open, it just takes an age to get it delivered!! 


I know since this lockdown has happened, I have realised that I miss and love talking to my fellow podfamily, new customers and customers that come in to see my pod and are amazed and say "did you make these?"  I am actually still open for orders even though everything is still "paused", but, if there are ladies like myself that like to be prepared well ahead of time, then there are ladies still looking for and wanting someone to make them a commissioned headpiece.  Although one to one appointments are now slightly different with the introduction of zoom, skype, messenger and now google are doing meetings aswell, I can accommodate - but you need to be warned as I'm not very technically minded and can delete a call by accident!!!




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