The Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner

The Ramblings of an Isolated Milliner

So hands up, who has cleaned their homes from top to bottom and is now sitting wondering....... what can I do next???

Well, I like many others was that person! Within one week, yes one week folks, I had defrosted 2 freezers, cleaned the house, did 2 millinery videos for my pod, home-schooled my lad, finished a few millinery orders and even sorted out my workshop at home - and as I said earlier that was all done within a space of one week!!!!  I have even had conversations with myself, but that's may be not since the virus if I'm honest!!!

I have a pod within a shop, as some of you know, along with 9 other creatives in the village of Bushmills - this is located on the North Antrim Coast roughly between Portrush and Ballycastle.  And as much as it is a shop, it is also where I design and create my fascinators/headpieces, interact and chat with customers and podsters and most of all be creative.

Being in isolation has taught me that I need human contact - we all do, so we can bounce ideas off each other, have suggestions, be inspired and generally have fun.

I think if it wasn't for the internet, things would definitely be challenging.  Being online either through social media or a website is great as it shows people that us small businesses are trying to keep going on as much as possible.  I have even been learning new skills and trying my hand at painting. I know events have either been postponed or cancelled but these will return just a little later than normal.

I know one sure thing is that my hubby has been enjoying getting his dinners a little earlier of an evening and I've also found ways to cook takeaway meals that we would've normally had at the weekends - big stars for me lol!!!!

Will the world return to prior COVID-19 - I don't know, all I know is that us humans can adapt and overcome all sorts of obstacles.

I do truly hope that you all stay safe and well and I especially thank the NHS workers for doing the amazing work they do - and have always done - they are truly fantastic people.

Until next time

The Rambling Milliner xx


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