Special Moments

Special Moments

As I type this, we are progressing out of lockdown, weddings are happening (yayyyy!!).  So..... I was chatting to a friend ages ago about hats –as you do, and she suggested I do a blog post about this topic!!

It is fantastic news when your daughter or son gather the family around and announce that they’re getting married, it is such a buzz and definitely a special time.  I absolutely love weddings and getting all dressed up – the last one we went to as a family was our best friend, when he married his beautiful soulmate, and it was our most fabulously proudest day ever. 

So being in the hatty business for a while now and over the years I’ve had so so so many mammys of brides and mammys of grooms that walk through my door asking for a hat or headpiece but asking for it to be small as they don’t want to stand out or maybe that they feel that they are not important.

 Can you relate to this dilemma?

Well........ firstly this makes me want to cry and give them a big hug, but, as covid rules stipulate-  I can’t!!  So my reply to each and every mammy is always the same – “ YOU are just as important and special as the groom, bride and the rest of the wedding party as there may never have been a wedding if you didn’t have a son for the bride to fall in love with (or vice versa)”. 

My personal opinion is to wear what you feel comfortable in – this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a tiny hat or any hat for that matter to comply with everyone else, as you might feel perfectly comfy in a large hat but feeling comfortable and fabulous is key and regardless of what others are doing, feeling happy on the day will show and radiate to others – this is also a day you want to treasure and remember.

I also totally understand that it is a very stressful time for everyone involved to organise or re-organise everything (especially currently with covid etc etc )as I have spoken again to many many ladies over the past 12 months now since covid and I really can’t comprehend the stress levels that has been added on top of what is the normal stress of organising a wedding.

If you do decide go down the route of having a headpiece or hat made especially for you – your milliner, whether it is myself or someone else, we will endeavor to make sure that your experience is a fun and joyful one and that you are happy and that you will look amazing on the day, and if like me, will also tell you if a hat doesn’t suit you!

I have a fab son, I will one day be a mammy of the groom (well, I think so –we still a have a long way off before this happens!!!)  and see when this day happens – I’m gonna wear what I love and if that means a massive hat for all to see..... then so be it!!!

As a family, we will enjoy the day and have loads of treasured memories.

Until next time.....

The Ramblings of a Milliner xx

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