Mass Produced or Commissioned Headpiece???

Mass Produced or Commissioned Headpiece???

OK, so you’ve decided to wear a headpiece (fascinator or hat) to an occasion and you’re not sure what to do next…….You have a decision to make – either to purchase a mass produced fascinator or you find a milliner that would be able to create a piece for you, and only you, to wear with your chosen outfit.  Whatever choice you make, when you have your outfit on, then put on your headpiece you will feel confident and fabulous.

 Going down the road of a milliner is a great choice, even if I do say so myself!!! I've been sewing for 40+ years, I've certificates in sewing, fashion & design, and have trained with fabulous milliners, so I have some knowledge!!  The way I work is generally called “model millinery” where I make the base hat using “blocks” or moulds as I sometimes refer to them and covering them with straws, felts or fabrics to make the base shapes.  I make sure that the shape you decide on suits you, as there is nothing worse than a headpiece that looks ridiculous on someone and that it doesn’t suit them.  Plus, I'll tell you if it looks ridiculous or fabulous on!!!

The thing I find with mass produced is that firstly, someone else could have the same fascinator as you on - possibly the same colour or style, it may not be made properly - stuck together with a hot glue gun or it may not be the right style that suits you but you'll wear it anyway as you're not really bothered about it!

I know, I know, i'm being a bit bias but I'd go commission any day!  A fab dress, accessories, shoes and a personalised headpiece - what more could you want?

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